4 tips from a Modern Landscape Designer

4 tips from a Modern Landscape Designer 

Whether this is the first garden you’re designing or the tenth, landscape design is a daunting task due to the vast possibilities available in each garden. To help you achieve your dream contemporary garden, I have invited four top modern landscape designers from the UK to share their tips and tricks with you.

  • Understand what you want 

First things first, understand what it is you want from your chosen landscape designer. New Patio? Or maybe a new water feature? Regardless of what it is, just make sure you have a clear picture of what you want to be installed and how you want it to look. It is your garden after all.


  • Be open-minded to your landscaper's advice

When you make the first contact with your desired landscape contractor, invite them to meet at your house to simply discuss what it is you want. In this stage of the process, it is imperative to be open and forthcoming with your budget, so your landscape designer can firstly; design and secondly, quote your dream garden effectively. Your garden designer is the expert after all so I highly recommend you listen to their recommendation, even if it wasn’t what you initially dreamed of. 


  • Take advantage of your properties personal nooks and crannies 

Each garden is unique in its own way, and yours is no different. You may not think it now but go outside and see where the sun tends to fall, which are the largest trees and the positioning of these trees with other scrubs, amongst a bunch of other distinct features you might see. During your discussions with your garden landscaper, mention the little details and see how the garden contractors team can incorporate them to their fullest potential. 


  • Take the indoors, out. 

Lighting and outdoor-seating spaces have become a huge must-have in all able gardens. Thoughtfully designed outside spaces can transform your whole home immediately. To begin planning for that next summer night with friends or family, whether you’ll be barbecuing or sitting around an ambient fireplace deep into the night.  

If you’re looking for any further tips on how to improve your garden, or are looking for someone on our team to come over and talk about your garden and the possibilities, please do not hesitate to give us a call (07971147870) or send us a message on Instagram!